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Save Money - The most obvious advantage of out sourcing is to lower your overhead.  No Workers Comp, No Unemployment Fees, and Lower Insurance Rates are just the beginning.  When you begin to start factoring in expenses such as payroll taxes, background checks, recruiting efforts, performing interviews, and maintaining a Human Resources department, you can really start to see the huge savings involved.

Cash Management - A less obvious benefit of out sourcing is how much it improves a company's cash flow.  In today's economy cash flow is very important and can be the difference maker in achieving success.  Utilizing a temporary service for your workforce can help give you the edge you need.

No Obligations, No Hidden Costs, And No Hidden Fees - Under no circumstances are you obligated to a temporary employee after you have released them from an assignment.  If an employee is no longer needed, simply let us know and the assignment is over with no obligations or fees.

Try Before You Hire - You may have a prospective employee that you are considering bringing onto your payroll, but you don't want to bring them onto your payroll until you know they are a good fit.  Why not let us bring that prospective employee onto our payroll temporarily and let us absorb that risk?  Once you feel secure in bringing them onto your payroll, you can do so at any time and at no additional cost.  You test drive a car?  Why not employees?

Finding Candidates - If you don't want the headache of recruiting or interviewing prospective candidates, sit back and let us do the work.  We have a roster of qualified candidates in various specialized fields that can fill your company's labor needs.  The employee remains on our payroll and you are under no obligation or liability.  Once an employee has worked for 520 hours on your assignment, your company can hire them on at no charge or you can continue to use them as a temporary worker on our payroll for as long as necessary.

No Payroll Or Insurance Headaches - Running a payroll is a mammoth task nowadays.  There are state and federal taxes to pay, cash flow management in your payroll accounts, and the printing/filing of W2s.  As if that wasn't enough, you also have benefits, garnishments, unemployment claims, and many other logistical nightmares.  You have to have a dedicated and costly Human Resources department just to keep up with it.  Why not let us be your Human Resources department.  We are experts in handling the logistics of an employer and can perform the task efficiently.  Our effectiveness and volume allows us to pass the savings on to you, saving you time, effort, and ultimately money.

Experience and Convenience - Our experienced personnel counselors and coordinators are available 24/7 for your convenience and can provide staff for days, nights, weekends, or whatever your needs.

Customer Satisfaction Pledge - Our focus is always on our customer's needs and we strive to meet or exceed all our customer's expectations.

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